The Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation BioNIUM

The Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute of University of Miami (BioNIUM) was established at the University of Miami with the generous philanthropic support of $7.5 Million by the Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation, with additional equivalent supporting commitment from the University of Miami Provost’s Office and the Deans of Miller School of Medicine, College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering. This support has enabled recruitment of new faculty into BioNIUM as well as establishment of a unique nanofabrication facility. BioNIUM is created with the goal to foster interdisciplinary research programs, capturing the essence of collaboration and shared growth across multiple disciplines.
It is anticipated that nanotechnology will drive major breakthroughs in the field of medicine over the next decade, with nanomedicine promising to provide the tools that will revolutionize patient care across a wide spectrum of diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and infectious disease. Revolutionary developments of nanofabrication and microfluidic processes in the field of portable and implantable biomedical devices will offer novel opportunities for sensing clinically relevant markers in various body fluids, molecular imaging of diseases, tools for highly targeted therapeutic intervention, and devices that can restore lost function, all with a potential to transform the medical field. The rapid development of the bionanotechnology field dictates the need for a workforce capable of performing research in this true interdisciplinary field of science and technology. BioNIUM will train the next generation of scientific leaders to perform breakthrough research and create far-reaching enabling technologies. It will train the students to communicate and disseminate the importance of science to the South Florida community through programs targeting schools and local centers.
BioNIUM will have 4 scientific Programs: Sensing & Molecular Diagnostics, Molecular Assemblies and Characterization of Nanostructures, Functional Restoration and Biomaterials, Targeting, Delivery and Imaging Using Nanocarriers.
Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation BioNIUM Shared Resources include a state-of-the-art Nanofabrication Facility which will provide a shared, central nanofabrication infrastructure to all BioNIUM investigators, and an Educational Resource that will establish a cross-disciplinary education and research training program aimed at investigating and controlling biological systems through nanotechnology.
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