Principal Investigators

Ashutosh Agarwal

Asst. Professor

(305) 243-8925

Ibolya Edit Andras

Research Asst. Professor

(305) 243-0261

Richard M Awdeh

Asst. Professor of Clinical

(305) 482-5135

Leonidas G Bachas

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

(305) 284-4021
Leonidas G. Bachas joined the University of Miami as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in July 2010. A distinguished analytical and biological chemist, Bachas was formerly the Frank J. Derbyshire Professor of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky and chair of its Department of Chemistry. Bachas’s tenure at Kentucky was marked...

Jean Pierre Bardet

Vice Provost for Strategic Projects

(305) 284-8625
Jean-Pierre Bardet joined the Office of the Provost in June 2019. As the Vice Provost for Strategic Projects he leads key industry collaborations with the University of Miami; these partnerships encourage the advancing of innovation and interdisciplinary projects across departments. He previously served as dean of the College of Engineering at...

Emrah Celik

Asst. Professor

(305) 284-9364

Joshua L Cohn

Chairman of Department of Physics

(305) 284-7123
My research involves measuring low-temperature electronic, magnetic, and thermal properties of novel materials that manifest interesting physics and show some potential to be useful in future electronic devices. These physical properties measurements, like electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and thermoelectricity, involve attaching...

Diego Correa

Research Asst. Professor

(305) 243-2228

Richard J Cote

Professor Emeritus

(305) 243-9676

Sylvia Daunert


(305) 243-4005

Sapna K. Deo


(305) 243-4421

Courtney M Dumont

Asst. Professor

(305) 243-6142

Alessia Fornoni, M.D.


(305) 243-6558

Massimiliano Galeazzi

Associate Chair of Department of Physics

(305) 284-7141
Astronomical object emit, in general, at all wavelength, not just visible light. Moreover, there are specific objects, such as Black Holes and Supernovae, that emit primarily in X-rays. X-rays, such as the ones used in radiography, are similar to visible light, but with wavelength 1000 times shorter. My work involves the construction of X-ray...

Gregory E. Holt

Asst. Professor of Clinical

(305) 575-3170

Angel E. Kaifer


(305) 284-4036
Our group's research interests focus on the general area of Supramolecular Electrochemistry.  For more than twenty years we have been investigating the electrochemical properties of a number of supramolecular systems, from host-guest complexes to self-assembled monolayers and dendrimers.  In particular, we have been...

Sung Jin Kim

Associate Professor

(305) 284-1941

Leslie D Knecht

Senior Lecturer

(305) 284-5361

Marc R Knecht

Director of Undergraduate Studies

(305) 284-9351
Research in the Knecht Group focuses on the use of biological macromolecules to construct nanomaterials for specifically targeted applications. These applications include catalysis, self-assembly, detection, and materials design. We use a wide variety of biological, chemical, and material synthetic strategies to design and engineer specific...

Giacomo Lanzoni

Research Asst. Professor

Vincent T. Moy


(305) 243-2337

Jean-Hubert Olivier

Asst. Professor

While nature has mastered the art of engineering non-equilibrium structures that enable energy capture, conversion, and storage with unrivaled efficiency, this level of structural control over synthetic materials with dimensions spanning the nano- to mesoscale remains elusive. Consequently, current technology exploits equilibrium-based...

Francisco Raymo


(305) 284-2639
Research within the Laboratory for Molecular Photonics is aimed at the identification of valuable strategies to manipulate molecules with photons and photons with molecules on the basis of absorption and emission processes.  The ultimate goal of these fundamental studies is the development of new phenomena and innovative materials for...

Onur Tigli

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-1970

Michal J Toborek


(305) 243-0230

Alice Tomei

Asst. Professor

(305) 243-3469

Fulin Zuo


(305) 284-7114
My research interests are twofold. One is in the studies of new phenomena of novel materials, especially low dimensional materials such as the cuprate and organic superconductors, meso and nano-magnetic materials by probing experimentally their transport and magnetic properties. These experiments are usually carried out as a function of...